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     FIF 15-007 KFFZ Cosmetic Log.pdf
     Aug 2016 Newsletter.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2012_02.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2012_03.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2012_04.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2012_05.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2013-08.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2013_01.pdf
     Brussels FIF 2013_02.pdf
     Brussels_FIF 2012_01.pdf
     CAE OAA Local NOTAC Use of High Visibilty Vest Dec 13.pdf
     CAE OAA Local NOTAC No Smoking On Ramp Dec 13.pdf
     CAE OAA Local NOTAC Safe Taxi Procedures Jan 2014_R0.pdf
     FIF 14-007 CAE OAA Phoenix Noise Abatement Guidelines .pdf
     CAE OAA Stablized Approach Criteria_Rev 2.ppt
     Digital CAE OAA ASR Occurrence Report.pdf
     FIF 13-013 flying SAFELY Issue 2.pdf
     FIF 13-016 N386JP AP electric trim test.pdf
     FIF 14-006 KFF_NOTAC_10_FFZ Touch and go limitations.pdf
     FIF 15-003 KFFZ Ramp Geo Position Markings.pdf
     FIF 14-008 KFF-NOTAC-9-Marker Pens.pdf
     FIF 14-021 KFF-NOTAC-14_Fuel Cost.pdf
     FIF 14-011 Global NOTAC 16 - Solo tailwind Landings.pdf
     FIF 14-012_KFF-NOTAC-11_Local NOTAC Seminole_05-2014.pdf
     FIF 14-020 KFF-NOTAC-13_Alternate Flight Plan.pdf
     FIF 17-015 KFFZ Global INFAC 5 - Prohibition On Cameras Recording Equipment.pdf
     FIF 14-022 KFF-NOTAC-22_Rudder Restrictions and Footwear.pdf
     FIF 15-002 KFFZ Lycoming Engine Considerations.pdf
     FIF 15-005 KFFZ Global NOTAC 23 - Max Operating Altitude.pdf
     FIF 15-006 KFFZ Ramp Markings.pdf
     FIF 15-009 KFFZ LOA 8-15-2014 Rev2.pdf
     FIF 15-010 KFFZ Global NOTAC 24.pdf
     FIF 15-012 KFFZ Discrepancy Tracking.pdf
     FIF 15-013 KFFZ NOTAC-15_Diamond Gust Locks.pdf
     FIF 16-001 KFFZ Construction - Phase 2.pdf
     FIF 16-002 KFFZ CactusFlyin.pdf
     FIF 16-004 KFFZ P08 Gliders.pdf
     FIF 16-005 KFFZ Open House.pdf
     FIF 16-006 KFFZ Prop Safety Update.pdf
     FIF 16-008 KFFZ CAE OAA AirCon Briefing-May2016.pdf
     FIF 16-010 KFFZ NOTAC 19 - Stabilized Approach and Landing R2.pdf
     FIF 16-012 KFFZ Global NOTAC 30 - Pulling Circuit Breakers.pdf
     FIF 16-015 KFFZ Hang Gliders.pdf
     FIF 16-016 KFFZ Recalled Lithium Devices.pdf
     FIF 16-017 KFFZ Oxford Call Sign aircraft list V5 - Current.pdf
     FIF 16-019 KFFZ Galaxy Note 7 and recalled lithium devices.pdf
     FIF 16-020 KFFZ Copperstate.pdf
     FIF 16-021 KFFZ Copperstate-REVISED.pdf
     FIF 16-022 KFFZ Archer Rear Seat.pdf
     FIF 16-023 KFFZ Construction - Phase 1.pdf
     FIF 16-024 KFFZ Construction - Phase 2.pdf
     FIF 17-001 KFFZ Construction - 4R runup area.pdf
     FIF 17-003 KFFZ LMS Access Instructions for Staff and Students.pdf
     FIF 17-006 KFFZ Mountainous Terrain Restrictions.pdf
     FIF 17-007 KFFZ 4R Runup Area.pdf
     FIF 17-008 KFFZ Queen Valley No Maneuver Zone.pdf
     FIF 17-009 KFFZ Night Restrictions.pdf
     FIF 17-010 KFFZ Open House 2017.pdf
     FIF 17-013 KFFZ IWA - Flight School VFR Arrival Departure LOA 2017.pdf
     FIF 17-018-KFFZ CAEOAA Phoenix Policy on Global INFAC No 5.pdf
     FIF 17-016 - Heat Mitigation 2017 PolicyR5.pdf
     FIF 17-017-KFFZ - ICAO Call SignsR2.pdf
     FIF-18-001 KFFZ Use of audio recorders.pdf
     FIF 17-021 KFFZ Airfield Lighting Construction Project.pdf
     FIF 17-019-KFFZ Global NOTAC 34 - Use Of Radio Callsign Modifier For Solo Student Flights.pdf
     FIF 2014-01.pdf
     FIF-16-014 KFFZ DA40-DA42 Rear Door Latch.pdf
     FIF-17-005 KFFZ High Vis Vest.pdf
     FIF-17-020 KFFZ Copperstate.pdf
     May 2016 Safety Newsletter.pdf
     Oct 2016 Newsletter.pdf
     Safety Challenge - Preflight Challenge Report.pdf
     Z Feb 2016 Newsletter.pdf
     flying SAFELY Issue 3.pdf
     FIF-18-002 KFFZ TRACON - TWR Practice Approach Handoff.pdf
     FIF-18-003 KFFZ P08 Glider Activity.pdf
     FIF-18-004 KFFZ Low Flying Aircraft.pdf
     FIF-18-005 KFFZ Open House 2018.pdf
     FIF-18-007 KFFZ Global NOTAC 16 - Solo tailwind Landings.pdf