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     FIF 16-011 KFFZ Oil_Servicing_Guide.pdf

ICAO Flight Plan transition
     FIF 17-012 KFFZ ICAO FP transition.pdf

     KFF-O-D014E Guide to Academics.pdf

Technical Logs
     New Procedures for Tech Log Books.pdf

     CAE OAA-O-F011_Student Request For Leave_Rev1.pdf
     CGAP-A-F015 Vacation_Request.pdf
     COAAPH-O-F001OMCompensatory Form.pdf
     COAAPH-O-F002OM Flight Compensation Form.pdf

     Global OPS Manual_COAA PH_Rev3 3_Signed.pdf

safety bulletins
     GBL-NOTAC-4 - ATC Flight Plan Requirements.pdf
     CAE OAA ASR Hazard Report_backup.php
     CGA-S-D003_Safety Information Bulletin - My Safety Moment Briefing_Rev1.0.pdf
     CGA-S-D004_Safety Information Bulletin – CAE Thumbs Up Safety Award_Rev1.0.pdf
     CGA-S-P016_Safety Bulletin – Prohibiting Players and Recording Devices_Rev1.0.pdf
     GBL-NOTAC-2 - Minimum Safe Altitides in Mountainous Terrain.pdf
     GBL-NOTAC-3 - Simulated Engine Failure and Forced Landing Training.pdf
     Global NOTAC 9 - Flight Risk Assessment Tool.docx
     Safety Brief_09_06.pps
     Safety Bulletin 01 - Pre-Solo Stage Check & Knowledge Test.pdf
     Safety Bulletin 02 - Solo Flight - TO and Landing Procedures.pdf
     Safety Bulletin 03 - Student-Pilot Solo Currency.pdf
     Safety Bulletin 05 R2 - Maximum Student Solo Environmental Conditions.pdf
     Safety Bulletin 06 - Non-Punitive Disclosure & Discrepancy Policy.pdf
     Safety Bulletin 07 - Engine Overhaul Policy.pdf
     Safety Bulletin 08 - IMC Dual-Flights.pdf

     CAE OAA ASR Hazard Report.docx
     Aerobatic Boxes on PHX Terminal Chart.pdf
     CAE OAA ASR Occurrence Report - All Types.docx
     LUKE SATR Graphic.pdf
     Safety Manual_001_ADD1_FORMS_r4.pdf
     Safety Manual_001_ADD1_FORMS_r4_infoold.php
     Safety Manual_001_ADD1_rev3.pdf